Signs of India (2)

india.mahabalipuram.feb.08 274

Who says academics don’t attract? 

india.mahabalipuram.feb.08 237

Sweet or salty, no ice & water

india.mahabalipuram.feb.08 241

Wall paintings in Mamallapuram

india.mahabalipuram.feb.08 247

Bus stand ideology with palms

india.mahabalipuram.feb.08 242

Wall paintings, Mamallapuram

india.mahabalipuram.feb.08 200

Praise the Cool Bar and Fancy Store

india.mahabalipuram.feb.08 321

At the handmade paper factory in Pondicherry

india.pune.feb.08 003


india.pune.feb.08 001

We simply don’t know about this one

india.mahabalipuram.feb.08 342

Blessed be the Coconuts

india.mahabalipuram.feb.08 316

Tamil and French in Pondicherry


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