Signs of India (3)

Signs continue to draw our attention as we walk the streets of Pune, and as we travel throughout Rajasthan. Text and interext, a culture at large.

india.pune.mar.08 089

Tyre works and tire workers on the street in Pune

rajasthan.mar.08 402

Shoes here in Jodhpur

rajasthan.mar.08 477

Worship is. . .only when. . . .

rajasthan.mar.08 503

Religion and ecology in the Thar desert

rajasthan.mar.08 722

Ganesha at Hindu temple

rajasthan.mar.08 417

Health and economics in the thar desert

rajasthan.mar.08 737

 Narrow corner at fort entrance in Jaiselmer

rajasthan.mar.08 494

rajasthan.mar.08 731

High tech solutions for travelers in the Thar desert

rajasthan.mar.08 721

Got that?

rajasthan.mar.08 718

We never determined what actually distinguishes such a bathroom but we appreciate the language

rajasthan.mar.08 614

rajasthan.mar.08 613

Important religious guidelines for entry into the Jain temple and the challenges of English words

rajasthan.mar.08 572

We consented and left our shoes, lather, and swords at the door

rajasthan.mar.08 521

Road sign in the desert outside Jaiselmer

rajasthan.mar.08 407

A lie painted on the door

rajasthan.mar.08 132

Always, in India, work in progress

rajasthan.mar.08 085

india.pune.mar.08 093

india.pune.mar.08 088

An allusion to Thoreau on Khatadhin? A number to call?

india.pune.mar.08 086

A sign outside the Osho Meditation Resort

india.pune.mar.08 080

Fear and trembling in Bund Garden

india.pune.mar.08 077

india.pune.mar.08 059


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