Like most people in Pune, we share our home with the most adorable lizards you can imagine. We’ll be eating dinner and one of them will scamper across the wall or ceiling and slide under one of the long florescent light fixtures. I’ve been up in morning to boil water and have found a gecko on the sink. And last night Rebecca was straightening up and discovered one of the baby geckos clinging to the underside of the yellow floral pillows on our bed.

india.pune.mar.08 102

It was either the baby gecko or one of the baby geckos. We really have no idea. We do have concrete evidence, however, that the baby gecko is the product of a rather remarkable sex act of two adult geckos that we all witnessed one night on the wall above the computer table.

india.pune.mar.08 104

My guess is that we are hosting a family of Hemidactylus frenatus who together enjoy the bounty of other visitors in our porous concrete home, spiders and insects. They are a delightful addition to our home here.

ajanta.ellora.april08 230

The kids love the little gecko, no larger than their little fingers at t his point, as it moves across the walls and ceilings with ease. They are very sure footed. Has anyone ever seen a gecko fall?




2 thoughts on “Gekkonidae

  1. ohh how lucky u are for the geckos, i would love to have some free in my home.I can only keep them in terrariums.

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