Indian Stone

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As someone who has spent a good deal of his life climbing rock, and who now lives in New England on a farm with miles of stone walls, it is hard not to be taken with Indian stone. When in Tamil Nadu, I talked with our new friend Ingrid–a stone mason most likely already laying walls back home–about loading up a container with hundreds of the beautiful granite fence posts so readily available here.

 india.mahabalipuram.feb.08 186

We imagined a container ship arriving in Boston with our very own box of fenceposts.  

rajasthan.mar.08 736

From Mahabalapuram to Jaipur, Hampi to Ajanta, stone is a part of Indian history and its contemporary life.

rajasthan.mar.08 466


rajasthan.mar.08 477


rajasthan.mar.08 209


india.mahabalipuram.feb.08 091


india.mahabalipuram.feb.08 210    

Every day I covet the piles of sidewalk stone stacked haphazardly next to yet another digging project. And every day I feel the impulse to be gathering stone in the woods for the home projects always underway.  

rajasthan.mar.08 422

rajasthan.mar.08 429

india.mahabalipuram.feb.08 216


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