A Visit to Bhopal

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On the morning of December 3, 1984, forty tons of methyl isocyanate was released from the Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The gas leak caused the immediate death of more than 3,000 people and, by conservative estimate, up to 8,000 within two weeks. The negligence of the Union Carbide Corporation and the Governments of India and Madhya Pradesh are well documented. The Chairman and CEO of Union Carbide at the time of the disaster was Warren Anderson.

On her visit to the National Judicial Center in Bhopal, Rebecca visited the abandoned Union Carbide plant and was a guest at the The Sambhavna Charitable Trust. The Sambhavna clinic continues to serve the estimated 120-150 thousand survivors of the 1984 disaster who still suffer exposure-related illnesses. The murals near the site depict the human suffering and lasting feelings of betrayal among the people of Bhopal.

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